Gros Morne Wind Farm

LFG Construction was mandated to carry out the construction of a wind farm with an installed capacity of 211.5 MW.

The project is located in the very far northeast part of the Gaspé Peninsula, in the Municipality of Mont-Louis and the Municipality of Sainte-Madeleine-de-la-Rivière-Madeleine, Québec.

The work consisted in erecting 141 wind turbines, for a total of 211.5 MW of installed capacity, enough to power 40,000 households. The electricity produced will be sent to an electric substation via underground and overhead 34.5 kV collector.

Wind turbines produce an output voltage to 690 V AC which is raised to a voltage of 34.5 KV CA through a transformer localized near each turbine.

The work carried out include the construction of access roads and work areas, the construction of 141 turbine foundations, assembly and erection of wind turbines and the construction of an underground and overhead collector system.